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Laws Of The Day

7s Laws & General Housekeeping.

Alcohol and Fire Policy

Only alcohol purchased on site will be permitted at the festival. We reserve the right to search bags and confiscate offending articles.

No fires/firepits/disposable BBQs are allowed on the grounds. 

Laws of the Day  - Rugby 7s.

-Matches will be seven minutes a half, no more than two minutes for half time. 
-A win earns three points, a draw earns two points and loss; one point. 

-No more than 12 players per team, this can be extended to 15 for the Social tournament so long as the subs law is adhered to.

-No more than five subs to be used per game.

Laws of the Day  - Netball.

Following regular netball rules and with squads of 10 + 2 support staff, the main change being reduced game time of 2 x 10 minute halves, with 1 minute for half time. 

I can't miss this! How do I get in?

General admission is £5per person. There will be some tickets available on the gate or you can book them online now

As much as we would love to host everyone, tickets are limited so make sure you book soon to avoid missing out!

How much does it cost to enter a team?

Team entry is £180 per team, across the board. This admits a team to participate in their stated tournament and compete for the relevant cash prizes and silverware. In effect, the cost covers the admittance of no more than 15 people - meaning a "team" may consist of 12 players and three support or management staff if competing in an Open. If competing in the Social, these additional three can be permitted as players in accordance with the laws for squad numbers, or more advisably, beer caddies and surplus medical staff on hand to apply the magic sponge.

How many players are allowed per team?

If your team is competing in an Open, you are allowed a squad of 12 players, plus a support/management staff of three. These 15 are covered in the standard entry fee.

If your team is competing in the Social, you may bring a squad of 15, all of which can play if desired. The only stipulation is teams must only use 12 players per game, so there will be no more than 5 subs available per match. The surplus three can bring on the oranges at half time and play next match. 

Is your event suitable for all ages?

Norwich 7s Fest is for anyone and everyone. This is the perfect day out for a group of friends looking for some sunshine and singing, boozing and rugby watching, or a family looking to get out together. There will be live music, multiple bars, four pitches of rugby being played, kids entertainment and exceptional food & drink traders throughout the whole day.

What is your refund policy?

We are more than happy to offer a refund up to 28 days before the event. Just drop us a line over email or Instagram messaging and we will sort it. We normally respond straight away but if we dilly dally, we will of course honour the refund date the request was sent, rather than when we read it!

Entry & Re-entry

Upon arrival you will be given wristbands in exchange for your ticket or your team captain will be given wristbands for the team and will hand them out. Please ensure you have your wristbands on around the festival, in particular if leaving and re-entering the grounds.

Laws Of The Day & FAQ: FAQ
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